Can I bring my dog with me to the farm?
You may bring your dog with you; however, we ask that you keep it on a leash and clean up after it.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash or checks made out to Day Star Farm.

How do I care for my tree after getting home?
When you get home, cut off 1" of your tree trunk and immediately place in water. Be sure to keep water to your tree at all times to keep it from resealing. Allowing your tree to drink for a couple days in a cool area will help it hydrate.

How tall are your trees?
We have a few White Pines that are about 15 feet. Our Scotch Pines and the Spruces go up to about 14 feet.

How long will my Day Star Christmas tree last?
When properly cared for, your Day Star tree will last a month or more. One of the reasons people keep choosing Day Star trees year after year is due to the long life of our trees and minimal needle loss. One year a neighbor's house burned to the ground, yet their Day Star Christmas tree stood untouched in the middle of their living room! Now that's a well-hydrated tree!

Frequently Asked Questions

A trip to Day Star Farm promises fun for the whole family complete with Christmas music, searching the field for the Candy Cane Tree, and spotting Molly the donkey roaming the trees. Enjoy a cup of steamy hot chocolate and, on especially cold days, warm yourself by the fire pit. 

With quality trees and good old-fashioned Christmas fun, Day Star Farm is a fun and festive way to celebrate the Christmas season. We hope you'll make Day Star a part of your Christmas tradition. 

Tree Varieties
Scotch Pines 
Norway and Blue Spruce
Concolor Fur

*We are sold out of tree 8 feet or taller. 

Scotch Pine - $40 
Norway Spruce - $50 

Concolor Fur - $50 
Blue Spruce - $60
*We also sell live Norway and Blue Spruce trees planted in 5 gallon bags for $30.

We are open Saturday November 26th and December 3rd from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
We are also open Sunday November 27th and December 4th from noon - 5:00 pm.
All other times, please call for appointment.

Special Services 
We offer free baling as well as cutting and loading assistance.
Bow saws are also provided. 

Other Amenities 
Complimentary hot chocolate and candy canes from the infamous Candy Cane Tree!